Monday, June 1, 2009

Chocolate cake for the Mr Bee's Office

I had been promising Mr Bee for weeks that I would bake something for him to take into morning tea. So here it is.......ta da!

I used my old faithfully fool proof chocolate cake recipe and put it in the fridge when it was still warm to get that fudgy consistency.

It is sometimes difficult to get a wide selection of particular ingredients in Guernsey so when I see them I snap them up. I did so a few months ago when I saw chocolate cake decorations/sprinkles. It cam in a round container which was divided into quarters, each quarter held a different type of shakable chocolate cake decorations. I had baked a triple batch of cake mixture, as there are about 30 people in the office. I had iced it with chocolate and vanilla icing and then I went to the cupboard for the chocolate decorations.

I know it is my fault, I freely admit this. I have a habit of moving furniture and other household items around. Until a few weeks ago the cake decorations had been out of sight in a side cupboard into which Mr Bee had no reason to venture. Now they were housed in the same cupboard as the breakfast cereal; apparently they had been 'calling' to Mr Bee. When I was out at my last PTA meeting he was scouring the house for a bit of chocolaty something but his search was in vain; that was until his beady little eyes fell upon MY cake decorations. He said that he only did a few 'shots' and tried to be even from each of the four varieties but alas some where tastier than others. I did manage to scrounge together a few sprinkles for the cake. I feel I am now a little older and wiser and will hide any future cake decoration purchases in the laundry, but that is just between me and you ;)


  1. I wish I worked in Mr Bee's office!!! Although I have come back from my recent holiday considerably heftier than before - so chocolate cake is off the menu for a while Chez moi!!

  2. Very funny about the chocolate sprinkles. I would have to hide the entire cake from my husband until he was ready to leave for work in fear he would eat a piece. I have been known to attach a written message saying DO NOT TOUCH.

  3. I meant to ask before - what is a "sticky beak"?????