Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Day of the Trifids

I'm glad I rescued our visiting aliens from Mr Bee and his trusty axe. The triffids have grown, rather alot actually, and the first few buds have burst open.

There have been no strange lights in the sky and the Triffids have not developed large, lashing tongues so I imagine we are safe.....for now. As the buds started to split you could see the promise of the pink petals that were to come.

Fortunately these poppies, as that is what I think they are (however if you know their actual name please let me know), are pink which has worked out surprisingly well as they are in my Cherub garden where the colour scheme is pink, pale blue and white.

I couldn't have wished for nicer free plants. Mr Bee has even admitted he is glad he didn't pull them out before he knew what they were.

The best part is that there are ten or more plants with nearly ten buds on each so I am looking forward to a fabulous pink, frothy, frilly Summer display.


  1. I would assume that they are poppies but I've never seen any so beautiful -- but the foliage and buds look like poppies!

  2. I think that they are called Mop Head poppies - they have also landed in my garden on the main land!! I do love a freebie!

  3. They are poppies - they are papavar somniferum. You have a double variety, which is quite lovely.

    They are a common garden annual, and if you let them go to seed you will have more next year. but in fact, they are also opium poppies, which might be why they were mysterious! In some states it is illegal to sell them - it's OK to grow them, don't worry!