Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day

I have a cold and it's a stinker; using a term such as 'stinker' to describe a cold suggests I have gone native a little more than I may like to admit. The above photo is dodgy in the extreme but it is the best of a bad bunch so there it is.

Mr Bee received some new whiz bang headphones for the beloved ipod and a chocolate beer. What more could a man ask for really than a large chocolate beer? My Dad arrived on Sunday so his timing was excellent and he was also gifted with a beer and three pairs of 1000 mile socks; I absolutely love those socks since the Itex walk. I know socks may be viewed as a gift to an old man but don't worry there are no hankies to follow as my Dad is far from old and goes on regular walking holidays, hence the socks. He walked 750 kilometres in France last year walking part of the Way of St Jacques.

Happy Father's Day Mr Bee and Dad we hope you enjoyed your pork roast love from all the Bumble Bee'rs. XXX OOO

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  1. Happy Father's Day and enjoy the time you are spending with him!
    Here in Italy Father's Day is on 19th March!