Saturday, June 13, 2009

A House of Dreams

If we were going to stay in Guernsey forever this is the house I would love to own.

You can tell you are close when the rabid flock of hungry chickens come charging at full speed out of the front gate to greet any possible source of food - B2 and B3 thought the this meant them and they stuck very close to us as we walked past. B1 thought they might like to sample his apple core and he was correct; it was like a swarm of feathered piranhas. Yes, I am aware that piranhas don't swarm, they school but they don't have feathers either - I was just suffering from a 'Bernard' moment (please refer to Yes Minister or Yes Prime Minister for clarifications of bizarre Bernard reference. Thankyou, this has been a community service announcement.)

We found this Guernsey Farmhouse down one of the lanes near the Reservoir on the boarder of the Castel and St Saviour parishes.

A house like this would be a lifelong commitment after the completion of which I think we may well be commitable.

There are truck loads of unidentifiable 'stuff' to clear and goodness knows how long it has been there.
But, ooohh, what a house. It has an attached barn and walled front garden. With alot of work and an awful lot of money it could be just spectacular.

I think it may actually be working farm and whilst I day-dream about being a small holder, a actual farm is more than a little beyond my level of day-dreaming enthusiasm.

So there you have it 'Bumble Bee Farm'; except I imagine we would end up living a like that couple in the Good Life or perhaps Ma and Pa Kettle. Just as well it's just a dream really, I have trouble keeping up with things at Bumble Bee Cottage as it is!


  1. I can see why you covet this place -- it has spectacular bones and what a place it would be after a bit of work . . .

  2. What a great looking place!! I used to love Yes Minister /Primeminister - must get the box set. And also, when I was 7, I had an irrational fear of Pirhanas!! - Irrational because I probably will never ever meet one in England!! (I also was very scared of Soldier Ants and Leprasy too!!!!)

  3. PS - I have posted a link for the champagne recipe on the appropriate posting on my blog for you - its very very easy, and very very tasty, but also very very explosive!! Enjoy!

  4. It is a very, very, very fine house, as in the song. Beautiful stone work.

  5. This so looks like what I imagine England to be like. I love houses, any style, but older ones are so romantic. It does look like a lot of hard work, though. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of that lane and home.