Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nudy, Rudy Cupcakes

I went to my first Anne Sommers' party on Saturday night. Well that was certainly an eye opener! My friend, M, made these cakes to take along; apparently there were some she made that she decided against bringing as they were a little TOO risky.

WARNING: If you are easily offended by icing obscenities look away now.

I think she did a fabulous job. They certainly matched the vibe of the evening's events.

I managed to drink most of a bottle of champagne and one and a half serves of Peach Schnapps jelly and still felt fine enough to walk home. I was informed on Monday morning that I need up the anty and try some true Guern alcoholic consumption; most people drank one and a half to two bottles each during the course of the evening. I think I might have been ill before I reached my required quota; hardened Aussie drinkers could learn a thing or two over here!

I was not concerned about wandering the Guernsey streets at twelve o'clock at night as I was part of the PTA posse. This consisted of about nine loud and somewhat stumbly PTA Mum's who had not been out without children for sometime.

It was not actually a PTA function; I somehow don't think it would really be a suitable thing to associate with a primary school. It was just that most of the PTA were invited. M was actually asked on Monday at school by a Mum, who lived near the hostess, if it was a PTA function; she was swift to deny any PTA links just in case complaints were made about drunken mobs of noisy women roaming the neighbourhood in the wee hours.

I think perhaps the Street Gangs (not that there is such a thing in Guernsey) should beware!

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