Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have finally defeated the caterpillar plague! Last year every leaf was stripped from our newly planted gooseberry bushes. This year we were ready; on the first sign of leaf munching the whole family was out to inspect the three precious plants for caterpillars. Once you get your 'eye in' they are quite easy to spot. We placed them on the wooden edge of the vegie beds and then sent the kids off to play. Mr Bee made it quick (when the children weren't looking) with his size 10 boot and thus we have a bumper crop.

My Dad is very pleased to say the least; they are his favourite fruit.


  1. Love gooseberries as well -- a great picture.

    So what do you do with them?

  2. Well done with the gooseberries! Ours too tend to get munched by the little green monsters, not quite so bad this year but as the plants are still in their pots waiting to be planted out, they are a bit unloved! Thanks for visiting my blog and kindly commenting. The deckchair you like was from none other than Miss Cath Kidston, a couple of years ago. I love them but they are not subtle! They were an end of season bargain and I don't think she has made them this year. Last year, I bought a couple of her sunloungers and I did spot those in the Bicester outlet store recently.
    Hen xxx

  3. Ive not had Gooseberries for years, I didnt like them as a child - I promise I will try some. I hate to be defeated in the taste department.