Monday, June 29, 2009

Still Romantic after 19 years...

Mr Bee cycles to work each day, rain, hail or shine (although not in the snow we had in February). He is a kind and considerate type but sometimes the day to day of family life gets in the way of the romance. He arrived home tonight to find me bathing the little B's. He lugged his backpack upstairs and from it produced the most gorgeous roses.

He knows me so well as he had another little gift carefully tucked away in his backpack.....

............rhubarb. It was being given away on a hedge vege along one of the lanes on his ride home. The supplier of the free plants even had a sign up advising to plant the little plants 1 metre apart.

Roses and rhubarb; how I love that man.


  1. Thats my sort of romance. True Love. xxxx

  2. Lucky girl!
    Your roses are beautiful!
    No idea about rhubarb...I've never seen one!