Monday, July 27, 2009

A beautiful accident

The last week of school was manic at Bumble Bee Cottage, with report cards, cupcakes and concerts, at least this is my excuse. We had friends over for lunch two weeks ago. I laid the table with a white linen table cloth, polish the silver cutlery (well it's stainless steel actually) and picked a bunch of flowers from our garden.

After the meal was enjoyed and the guests had departed I cleared the table and placed the flowers on the kitchen bench to be enjoyed over the coming week. Well two weeks passed and the flowers were still there they were looking, well a little crunchy really. They had dried in the vase! The stems had gone mouldy so I just snipped the flowers off and now I have my very own potpourri.

These are dahlias, shasta daisies and lavender and they have all dried to perfection. These may make a nice addition to my nature display.
So if you like my dried flowers just be slack like me and stick a vase of them somewhere and forget about them for a few weeks; you never know what might happen :)


  1. Mine usually wilts rather than dries (except for the lavender) -- what pretty dried flowers. They look great in that bowl.

  2. We use to live in a home that had these wood beams and I would tie the flowers and hang them from the beams to dry. It looked so pretty. Then I would make some potpourri for friends for the holidays. I am glad to see that you have recycled your pretty flowers:)