Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hydrangea Heaven

The hydrangeas are in full bloom all over Guernsey at the moment.

I love the huge, blousy blooms of the mop head variety.

They even grow in the full sun here. This is quite astounding to me as in Australia they would be a modern art impression of a crispy plant.

This lace head hydrangea was lovely but then again it was blue, my favourite colour.

We have one planted at Bumble Bee Cottage; I hope it grows into something as lovely as these gorgeous specimens.


  1. They are very beautiful. My neighbour has one and when she cuts the blooms off in Autumn, she hands me a few as they look sensational as they dry. They also look good in Christmas decorations too (sprayed gold/silver or just left as they are). The blue one is my favorite one too.

  2. I planted three blue ones at the beach house and when I left one had turned pink. Perhaps it was pink when I purchased it and it may have had the wrong tag. They all look spectacular and I am happy I purchased small ones as they have grown so big in such a small amount of time. I can't wait to see them next summer. I just have to remember to cut some and dry some and take them to this house for the winter.

  3. Wow I thought they were butterflies on the lace head hydrangea. Thanks for sharing the beautiful image.