Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun Fair

Our school held its annual PTA BBQ recently. We decided on a 'Fun Fair' theme this year so I baked these cakes to try and match the theme. I was going to do clown faces but I had to waste too much cake in getting the right clown head shape and as this is about feeding large number of people I settled on fireworks stars instead.

In the end we catered for about 180 people. You can never find out the exact number as there are always a few people who turn up on the night to buy tickets. Our catering was really good this year and we didn't end up with too much food left over.

We cook sausages, Chinese pork steaks and meat patties, which are served with bread rolls and a choice of six types of salad. Dessert was apple pie with ice cream and cream, chocolate cakes, crispy cakes (chocolate crackles to Aussies), cupcakes and jelly. All this for £8.00 for adults, £5.00 for children or £25.00 for a family of five; it's not bad value really.

The kids get to have a swim and we organised carnival games to go with the Fun Fair theme. There were colouring competitions, Fancy Dress prizes, Name the Clown (except I couldn't get a clown so I bought a monkey and made a paper collar and clown hat for him, but I forgot to take a photo), guess the number of lollies on the Gingerbread House, Lucky Dips, Splat the Rat, Toss the Toad and Hook a Boat. The Bumble Bee'rs had a fabulous time and it was declared 'The best night ever' by B1.

All in all it was a very successful event. I'm thinking Country Square Dance for next year; what do you think?

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