Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heart Shaped Buttons

A mysterious package arrived in the mail for me today. It contained this sweet pussycat card from the lovely Diane at Heart Shaped.

She read my post about my sad and sorry sewing kit and offered a few more buttons to add to my Bonne Maman jars. Well I must say a 'few' is hardly the correct word here.

I love the retro ones. I might be receiving a sewing machine for my birthday and I thought I might attempt a retro owl, I think they will make fabulous eyes for him.

The monkey is cute and B1 will no doubt claim the chess pieces for some project or other. He is really 'into' chess at the moment. He and Granddad were having an on going tournament whilst he was staying with us.

Diane said that a contact from her work actually works for a button manufacturer.

I think my favourites are these stripey ones. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but they will look great in the jars in the meantime.

It is strange how your perception of things changes as you get older. If anyone had told me I would be the slightest bit interested in sewing and displaying buttons (I mean buttons, for goodness sake!) I would have backed away slowly, maintaining eye contact at all times. Now I look at other lovely blogs and magazines and think I would like to try some of the crafts and home decorations displayed in them. I think I have become a major home-body since I've had children. I realise we have moved away from friends and family in Australia but my home has come with me in the form of the Bumble Bee'rs and although we certainly travel alot more now I think being away from all things familiar has made me look inward to my home as a sanctuary for our family. So naturally I want to decorate it......I just never thought buttons would be a part of that!

Can you see the little butterfly?

B3 helped my arrange these ones for the photo and what a lovely job she did too!

Thankyou so much Diane for your very generous and kind gift. I wasn't actually expecting anyone to send any buttons it was just a way to end the post but I am certainly glad and grateful you did!

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