Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pink Saturday - Roses from my Garden

This rose bush is one of only five plants which survive my garden redesigning; I have removed every other plant in our garden and replaced them with plants of our choosing.

I don't know the variety but it has a fabulous scent and repeat flowers throughout the year giving us three flushes of gorgeous pink frothiness.

As the blooms age they end up looking as if the petals have been splattered with pink paint but they hold their wonderful scent right until the very end.

Thankyou to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for hosting Pink Saturday. Please drop by her blog to see all the other pink on offer today.


  1. I love roses -- but smelly ones. I have a big William Baffin that is beautiful but alas, no fragrance! Your rose is absolutley fantastic.

  2. I am so glad you chose to save these lovelies. Love the pics and the sunshine. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Julian beautiful post. Happy Pink Saturday. Please stop by and say hi. I love it when my blogger friends stop by. Country Hugs, Sherry

  4. Such pretty roses! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. You lucky girl....your roses are so pretty. I picked mine out myself and I'm not thrilled in the slightest with them....bad decision.


  6. I would love to smell those roses. They look so perfect! And fresh from the rain(?) :-)

    Happy Pink Weekend!