Monday, July 6, 2009

The Chook Pen

I can't say how it really began. I just bought one and they seem to have multiplied. I see them everywhere I go. Some cost £0.99 and some cost up to £12. If I see one and it's white I just have to give it a home.; perhaps it's a sickness!

Personally I think I just miss my chooks in Australia. We used to have four Light Sussex bantams and two black Peking bantams. The Pekings were so sweet with their little fluffy feet and they would sit on your lap and let you stroke them.

Mr Bee has said we can get a few chooks here if I would like to but I think it might be too much trouble when we go on holidays. We now need to consider boarding Tilly every time we go away and I'm not sure there is such a thing as a chicken kennel.

This little hen as a secret - she's a Jersey girl, but we won't tell anyone OK.

This is my only non-white chook. I'm still not sure she works in with the others but the longer she stays the more I like her.

This poor fellow was spectacular but unfortunately on his perilous journey through the UK mail system his bottom half was smashed beyond repair. I couldn't bring myself to throw away the top as I love the way he has been stylised. I keep checking on Ebay for a replacement or maybe someone will list the bottom half one of these days and he may once again be Top Chook.

Chook n. Australian colloquialism for a chicken, a young bird, especially of the domestic fowl.

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  1. Oh how fabby! I love these (being "Hen" of course) but I actually like all the colourful ones. My prize so far is a turquoise coloured milk glass one. Yours look lovely all together. Hope the fancy one finds his bottom soon!
    Hen x