Saturday, July 4, 2009

Box, box, what's in the box?

Mr Bee gave me this box seventeen years ago. It was during the early nineties when, in Australia anyway, blue and yellow and the Sun and Moon were quite a popular decorating theme. We decorated the bedroom in our first flat together along these lines and this box in the only survivor of that particular 'fashion'. It now lives in the cupboard in my laundry (utility room) but it is not forgotten and alone in there. I use the contents quite regularly, not very well mind you, but quite regularly.

Now here is my latest 'Country' magazine inspired recycling. I saw Bonne Mamon jam were holding a competition for people to showcase their uses for the post-jam-munching jars. There were some lovely ideas; so of course I started to wash them out and keep them. We have six now but they were all still empty, until today.

Behold, the contents of the box. Yes it is indeed my sorry excuse for a sewing kit. As you can clearly see it is a shambles.

Let us examine the more unusual contents: two sea shells, one Italian leather belt loop that I no longer have the belt for, one plastic eye from a toy but I can't find nor remember which one, some matching wool and jewel button from my red cardie, a mysterious wooden knob, an assortment of metal 'bits' from Christmas crackers and last but by no means least, those silly, little packets of tiny beads and sequins you receive attached to many a sparkly top. Does anyone ever bother to sew those things on? What a waste of time and the Earth's resources they are!

Ta, da. The wonderousness (is that a word? Well it is now) of the jam jars now given purpose. So dear friends and family before you relegate any old clothes not worth donating to Charity to the rubbish cut off all the buttons and send them to me, I'll give them a good home ;)

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  1. I love Bon Maman jars and have several in the garden decorated with bead handles and filled with T lights. I love the contents of your jars. PS If you let me have your address (drop me an email) I have some buttons I can donate to your jars (a contact at work actually works for a button manufacturer!!!)