Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bodnant Garden

The other night I was watching the 'Antiques Roadshow' and it was filmed in Bodnant Garden in Wales. We were lucky enough to go to this truly spectacular garden when we went to visit my Aunty Susan in Manchester last May. This prompted me to have a look at the photos once more and got me to dreaming about our own cottage garden and all the possibilities. Please come for a stroll with me through this beautiful floral fairyland.

We were driving back to Manchester from Anglsey Island and I had asked Sue what all the lovely yellow creepers where in alot of gardens we past. She told me that it was laburnum and that there was a laburnum walk in a garden which was not too far out of the way. I'm so pleased I asked, visiting this garden was truly one of the most wonderful afternoons I have ever had.

It was just spectacular. There is no other word.

I love this photo, probably just because I took it on my little camera and the bumble bee is in focus! You can almost hear the buzz as it hovers.

This is another of my favourite photos. Arty by accident.

I hope these photos may prompt a visit to this fabulous garden this May. I hope I can capture just a hint of its quality in our own little garden. Thankyou Aunty Sue for such a lovely holiday.

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