Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pear Blossom

The pear tree is glorious. One of the few plants I didn't replace in our garden was the espalier conference pear. It is a prolific fruiter; which is not surprising really when you see how many flowers cover the tree and how many bees stop for a snack. The branches are practically humming with little stripy visitors.

Conference pears do not seem to be very common in Australia; at least I do not recall seeing them in the fruit shop. I am definitely a convert now though.

They taste divine freshly plucked from the tree after being gently warmed by the sun. They are best consumed whilst sitting in a deck chair surveying the children racing around on a sunny afternoon.

My Mum has confirmed that she is coming for a visit in October so they should be just about ready to eat by then. Mum visited Bumble Bee Cottage in October of the 2007, when we had only been in Guernsey for four months. The pears covered the tree when she arrived but not one could be seen by the time her visit had ended. She managed to convert all the children to pear munchers so I will be lucky to get one with four sets of gnashing teeth ready to go. I wonder if Mum planned her visit to coincide with pear season?

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