Monday, March 16, 2009

Training has begun.

I started my training for the Itex walk this morning. The Itex walk is a walk on the 6th of June which goes all the way around the Island, all 40 miles of it; that's 64.36 kilometers. Just having written this I'm beginning to feel achy already. I walked for 45 minutes down the coast and then 45 minutes back home. I'll have to drive it in the car to see how far that was; it felt like a long way.

By the time I got home three of the toes on my right foot were numb and the balls of both my feet felt as if they had been whacked with a large stick several times. They should have recovered for more training early next week. I'm a little scared now though as a friend's husband did the walk last year and it took him thirteen and a half hours. He is ALOT fitter than me. I believe he wore two pairs of socks and coated his feet in Vaseline before he set off. I somehow think I'm going to need more socks!

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