Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fabulous Sunday

Our Sunday was a busy one; not busy in a bad way, it was actually very relaxing and lots of fun for everyone. The Sun shone, it was t-shirt weather all day, everyone was happy. I gardened for several hours, my husband pottered and read the newspaper and our children bounced non-stop on the trampoline for two hours! How they managed I'll never understand. That much bouncing equates to one of those dreadful exhibition/carnival rides which makes you feel particularly unwell but you can't get off because you have to get you money's worth. The kids definitely got their money's worth.

This afternoon we went for a drive around St Pierre du Bois (St Peter in the Wood, as opposed to St Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey). We drove down a Ruette Tranquille and found the most gorgeous display of gorse I have ever seen. They had trimmed the hedges so instead of all the flowers growing in various point up the branches they were all clustered together on the outside of the bush. The smell was fantastic. Gorse has a sweet but very spicy smell. I can not compare it to anything I have smelt in Australia. So all my Australian friends, you will just have to come over here and visit me to smell the gorse...among other things.

This photo was just cute so I had to pop it in; not too bad for a little kodak happy snap camera.

The muscari have finally put in an appearance on our garden wall. Unfortunately they are coming into their full glory as the daffodils are fading. I was hoping they would all be in flower together.

I suppose I shouldn't complain as I'll deadhead the daffodils this week and then you will be able to see the muscari much more clearly. They will hopefully look nice for quite a few weeks and then I will have to consider which annuals I'll plant to replace them.

I was at my favourite garden shop, Le Friquet, today and it is truly a spectacular display of colour. It made me wish I had an unlimited budget. Oh the fun you could have. As it was I spent £20 more than I was going to and had to walk away from several 'must have plants' for the cottage garden. I'll ask them if I can take some photos so you can enjoy it as well; even if you're not a gardener once you have seen their displays you may become one.

So far in the cottage garden I have planted:

* Rose 'Deep Secret' -red

* Camilla 'Silver Anniversary' - although I may move it as I am worried about the sea wind burning the flowers - white

* Pansy 'Coconut...' something or other, I can't find the tag - blue and white

* Bellis Daisy 'Pompom Red'

* Cinneraria - silver foliage

* Dahlia Pompon 'Nescio' - red pompom type. These are the first dahlias I've ever grown. I've always been a bit scared to grow them as they always seem to be something 'serious' gardeners grow; you know the type who compete in the 'Who got the Best Flower' competitions.

* Crocosmia Montbretia 'Lucifer' - red. I've seen these in people's gardens around the Island and all I can say is 'WOW'. I can't wait until these flower.

* Lupinus 'Gallery Series Blue' - blue

* Leucanthemum 'Siver Princess' - white daisy

* Rosmarinus officinalis - common rosemary

* Delphinium 'Black Knight' - very dark blue

The cottage garden will be all in red, white and blue. I'll post some pictures when I have finished planting it out.

Now I'll go soak in the bath to get rid of all the dirt. Yes, I did go for our afternoon drive covered in dirt from head to toe, but I didn't get out of the car ;)

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