Monday, March 2, 2009

A will to live.

Last year I bought a jonquil (paper whites) bulb kit from our local nursery in order to have something lovely flowering at Christmas time. You place the compost in the dish, plant you bulbs, cover the soil with the white stones, give it light watering, put it in a dark place and hope for the best. Their performance left a little to be desired. Once the pot started to look a bit sad and sorry I placed it in my glasshouse or as we refer to it 'the place were all good plants go to die' and promptly forgot about them.

Over the past year I have splashed the pot with water occasionally, when I was in the glasshouse watering my cape gooseberry bush, but on the whole I ignored them. It was about four weeks ago, one sunny weekend, when I had an urge to clean up the glasshouse that I discovered the green shoots poking through the white stones. So green-thumbedness via remote control is worth a go.

Here are the bulb so far. I will post a photo of them once they are in full bloom. All of the bulbs have put up a flower bud, so I am hoping the kitchen will be full of their sweet smell for quite a few weeks to come.

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