Monday, March 16, 2009


Yvette at The Charm House is having a a 'What I collect' party so I thought I would show you two of my collections.

The first is my collection of trios. I do not collect any particular manufacturer I just collect the ones I like the look of. The only problem is that they already take up two shelves on my hutch so if I buy anymore I will have to reorganise a few things to fit them in. I don't really have a favourite but I do love the Royal Albert Bluebird and Roses (top row, third from the left) and the Royal Standard 'Carousel' (top row, second from the right). You can click on the pictures to make them larger if you would like to have a closer look. None of them cost very much but then again I didn't want them to or I would be frightened to use them. I broke the cake plate for the Royal Albert 'White Dogwood' on the first day in our new Guernsey home and I haven't got around to replacing it yet, although I am sure Ebay will provide me with one.

Another of my collections is Shorter and Son 'Waterlily' pattern. This collection started with the medium sized jug in the bottom picture. My Mum has a jug just like this one and I have always loved it. Mum gave me some money for Christmas a few years ago so I spoilt myself and bought one like hers. She told me I should have just asked her for her jug, as she would have been happy to give it to me, but how could I ask as she still has it on display herself and so obviously loves it as much as I do.

As you can see my collection has grown somewhat over the last few years. The UK is collector's heaven with so many things available in charity shops and on Ebay for such reasonable prices. Collecting china in Australia can be quite an expensive hobby as there is a much smaller pool to choose from with alot of people competing for those items that are available.

So there you have it, two of my collections. I'll keep the rest for another day. Well a girl can't reveal all her secrets at once, where's the mystery in that.


  1. A wonderful collection of trios... I love the bluebirds also.. But then again I have a soft place in my heart for birds!
    The waterfllily pattern is stunning! I have never seen it, I can see why you love it! It is so funny how our love for collections start from things our Mothers own!
    Both of my children visited Australia and fell in love with it. They intend to return soon.
    Hugs, Yvette

  2. I was so taken with your Waterlily pattern, I forgot to thank you for being a part of my tour!
    Thank you so much!!!

  3. Wonderful collections! Thank you for sharing and enjoy your evening.


  4. I love the waterlily collection.. so sweet.. thanks for sharing & have a nice day!

  5. Such a pretty collection. I look forward to seeing more!