Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sugar, sugar, sugar

The PTA ladies are coming over to my house tonight to bag sweets for our school's Easter Disco.

There will be NO sampling.

There will be NO quality control tasting.

There will be NO sweet wrapper sniffing.

All hands will be well scrubbed.

Once we are finished there will be alcohol and dips.

Tomorrow night there will be 'E' number frantic grooving at the disco.

I've got pink, gingham, feathered, bunny ears to wear.

Only the strong survive working on the tuckshop.

My kids just want to know how much money they can have to spend. Enough to have a good time but not enough to go CRAZY. How much this is we can only guess! Wish me good luck.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck at the disco ~ bunny!

    How yummy do those lollies look !!!

    I bet you had fun bagging them up, and not sniffing, sampling, or taste testing them ! We don't have lollies at tuckshop anymore, its over the top healthy, but I'm betting it doesn't stop the chubby kids being chubby because its more likely what they eat when they're NOT at school thats the problem !

    I will do a blanket blog ! Watch my space.