Friday, March 13, 2009

I do not Iron my Teatowels..often

I could not believe my luck when I went op shopping today. The first of my usual haunts provided me with not one, nor two but three Spode plates. Who said Friday the 13th was unlucky? All for the whopping price of £1.50 each. ('How much for the chopsticks? Ninety-nine cents. What a bargain.' Sorry a little 80s Eddie Murphy humour there.) Please note the Cath kidston teatowel background; ironed three times but still creased...I know I know ironing teatowels, what is the world coming to. I only ironed it for the background for the plates, I DO NOT normally iron my teatowels.

This pattern is called 'Jasmine' and was originally made in 1825. It was reintroduced as part of the Blue Room Collection as one of six Regency Dresser Plates and again in the early 2000s as part of the Signature range.

This pattern is called 'Portland Vase' and was originally made in 1832 being reintroduced as one of the Victorian Dresser Plates in the Blue Room Collection in the late 1990s.

This one is called 'Warwick Vase' and the original engraved plate dates back to 1834. I have been looking at this pattern on Ebay for a while. I am trying to keep the cost down of decorating the hallway with blue and white china, so I have never bid on any as they mostly start from a £4.99 initial bid and then you need to add postage on top of that.

It's strange how things happen sometimes; I had actually walked past the shop where I found these, as I was going to start looking in the shop at the other end of the street but I suddenly decided to turn around and start in this first shop. I'm glad I did. There were people hanging out of the rafters, it was the busiest I've seen it. I walked straight over to the rack where they were and found them straight away at thew bottom of a large pile of plates. I must be 'in tune' with Spode at the minute. They will go nicely on the Blue Wall, which is a little like 'Blue Poles', less expensive but just as talked about ;)

These two plates are also Sarreguemines pottery, the same as my rose bowl I found a few weeks ago. They are marked 'Alphand U&Cie'. I have searched on the Internet but the only sites I have found are in French, so I am guessing that they are from France, which is not surprising with Guernsey's French connections throughout history. If anyone can tell me more I would love to hear from you.

This looks like an engraving of some sort, but it is hard to see exactly without getting it out of the frame. I'm into all things involving English wildlife at the minute so this had to come home with me. It is a rather odd frame as the white you can see around the edges it actually polystyrene foam, one of the more unusual framing techniques I've come across I must admit. Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything, as you do need to look closely to tell, now you all know my polystyrene shame!!

I'm sick of rummaging in the drawer trying to find a toothpick so this little owl came to stay at our house. Now I will never be short of a toothpick again 'hazzar'; I must be getting old or the scorching Guernsey weather (15*C today) has fried my brian to make such a bizarre toothpick related statement.

After I read Cindy's blog about cherubs I thought I might see what I can do with this cherub in my home. I'm trying to do a link to Cindy's blog 'My Romantic Home' but if it doesn't work another link to her blog is in my sidebar for those who are interested. (I've seen other people do links and they never look like this? I think I need more practice).

I found one of these little birdies in one shop for £1.00 and the other in another shop for 30p. I think perhaps someone divided an estate between a few of the charity shops in order to spread the donations around. You can't really see in the photo very well (sorry these were hard to photograph) but there is a bird engraved on the side of the one at the back. I think I will use them to hold my earrings in my bedroom.

How much does all this extravagance cost I hear you ask - £10.30, for an hour and a half of thrifting fun and relaxation....What a Bargain!

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