Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn Walks

Mr Bee had Monday off work as he has been travelling over the weekend rather alot recently and they owed him the 'hours'. The kids were bouncing off the walls by 7.00am so we departed on a walk by 7.45am in the hope of burning off a little energy. We walked for about two and a quarter hours and covered about 5 miles/8 kilometers.

We wandered along aimlessly for a while and then I remembered the walk to Sausmarez Park I had gone on with some friends; none of the family had done this walk before so they Bumble Bee'rs were very excited to be going somewhere new.

This plant was growing up and down the stream. I do not know its name but it is used as a hedging plants all over the Island. It produces tiny white flowers which have such a strong perfume that it can be smelt from meters away.

We found a chestnut tree on our travels. I am 90% sure it is a sweet chestnut (the edible type) but after reading about how poisonous the Horse Chestnut is I was not prepared to risk getting my identification wrong.

All the leaves will be off the trees very soon and the days will close in, with the daylight hours shortened between 8.00am and 4.00pm (if we are lucky). I don't mind the cold anymore, I think I have acclimatised. The houses are built to cope with the cold in Guernsey, unlike in Brisbane where it can still get below 0*C some nights but the houses are built to keep heat out not in. The gas fire has already been switched on a few times but now we need to fight Tilly for the prime position in front of the fire.

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  1. SWEET CHESTNUTS are edible and you can eat them when they are have fallen to the ground, usually have lots of little nuts inside. I buy mine in a tin! They are called Marons in a tin.
    HORSE CHESTNUTS are very poisonus, usually one large nut, you drill a hole into them put the piece of string through them and play conkers with them!

    Looks like a lovely walk