Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I'll share a few scares from Guernsey with you this evening; wwwa hhhhaaaa, cue spooky music.

This disgusting little number made a sort of gurgling, slurping sound when you touched it

The witch cackled when you walked past and the gruesome looking chap below screamed.

This delightful tray of delicacies, in fact all these scary treasures could be found at our local garden centre amongst the potting mix and chicken poo??

We were out for a quick drive this morning and came across this fabulous display. I love the bigger white pumpkin eating the little orange one.

The Bumble Bee'rs have only just arrived home from Trick or Treating with Mr Bee as their escort. B1 was Dracula (complete with plastic teeth, which he was very impressed with), B2 was a witch's black cat and B3 was a witch. Mr Bee even condescended to were a pair of spunky bat head boopers.

The sweet haul this year was a little more modest, thank goodness, although I am sure that there are more than enough E numbers here to go around. We have already had about 12 groups visit tonight making up about 30 or so Trick or Treaters; all of them had very good manners for such a scary bunch. The night is still young so we may well have a few more ghosts and ghouls pay us a visit.

My pumpkin carving skills were met with approval from all the Bumble Bee'rs this year, compared to previous years. It was declared my scariest yet!

Happy Halloween from Bumble Bee Cottage.....


  1. Hello!
    First I must thank you for your kind award. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to reply but today has been the first day I have not had a paint brush in my hand!
    Your Halloween pictures are great..