Monday, October 5, 2009

Divorce Party

I went to my first ever divorce party on Saturday night. It was a strange affair. It celebrated something that had actually caused the woman giving the party alot of pain but I went to try to help her forget about it all and have a fab evening (also she always gives excellent parties:).

She had made a cake especially for the event. Mr Bee was concerned that there were going to be strippers; that was until I pointed out that there are NO strippers in Guernsey. To be honest we did not need any for a raucous evening; NO BOYS ALLOWED. There were Apple Sour shots, shot glasses with nude men in the bottom in various interesting poses, an extremely interesting game of 'Truth or Dare' which ended in someone (who shall remain nameless) running up and down the Clos in her underwear!

It was a fabulous, great, wonderful, stupendous evening and I hope it gave the hostess what she needed.

This post is for both N and E. You are both such lovely and wonderful ladies, although it may not feel like it now there will be a new beginning for you somewhere along the way as gems such as yourselves do not go long undiscovered.

Love Me


  1. I have never heard of a divorce party or maybe just not been invited to one:) The fact that she chopped off the X's head on the cake made me laugh:) Obviously the divorce must have been a brutal one!

  2. Poor Loves - but they are obviously better off without them!! The cake made me really laugh. You are right - they won't be "suddenly single" for very long. xxxx