Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save the Sea Star!

I look at other blogs and everyone seems to have all these lovely linens to have for the background in their photos. Alas I have but two and I already used them in last week's posts so here you have one ironed and slightly stained Cath Kidston tea towel instead; artfully arranged so the all the stains are at the back.

I bought this vase a few weeks ago at the Salvation Army charity shop at the Bridge. It cost £3.00. It had a sticker on it which read Sugahara glass Tokyo, Japan. I googled this company and found a vase which looked similar. The old currency converter whipped into action and new it would cost about £30. So it is not a bad buy really.

We live about 200 meters from the ocean so I think seashells are an appropriate thing to have on display.

I had to find something to place my sea stars (seems we are not allowed to call them starfish anymore) in as Tilly thinks they are very tasty. I'm not sure sea stars are the natural diet of fluffy felines so this vase offers the perfect protection for both sea star and crazy cat.


  1. And it's a lovely vase. Flowers always look better in that roundy shape (if ever the shells let it go).

  2. 200 metres from the sea Wow!
    The vase looks lovely.