Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Spooky Season is Upon Us.

Autumn is here. A chill is in the air , the leaves are starting to turn and the Bumble Bee'rs will talk of nothing but Halloween.

There are about 60 houses in our Clos and if we let them they would visit them all. We restrict them to about half and hour of Trick-or-Treating; although we would never let them do the 'trick' part. Some asked for a trick instead of a treat last year and B1 was dumbfounded. He had no idea what they were talking about, which really is a good thing I think as goodness knows what he would get up to!

I have decorated the hall table, which I still haven't painted white, with a few bits and bobs in the shades of the season.

I waited for these leaves to go on sale last Halloween as I didn't want to pay £20 for a vine of fake leaves but then the shop put them in with their Christmas wreaths so they didn't go on sale until January. It was a tense few weeks, I can tell you. I kept telling myself that no-one decorates for Christmas with the colours of Autumn; fortunately for me this turned out to be correct.

I do have one or two spooooooky items to keep the Bumble Bee'rs happy.

B1 was disgusted when he saw my Josef Original girl, 'There's nothing scary about HER Mum!' I did say that she was in keeping with the season but this didn't cut it as far as he was concerned.

I saw the cat jam pot in one of the Mill Street Antique shops last year, on sale, of course; so she made her way home with me too.

I have yet to carve our home-grown Jack-O-Lantern. I will waiting until a week or so before otherwise he will be all mouldy and quite disgusting for the big night.

Last year I had about 40-50 Trick-or-Treaters from around our Clos; we had a doberman in a tutu, a werewolf Dad and fair few ghouls, goblins, witches and warlocks. Alot of the accompanying parents dress up as well. I have limited the size of the Bumble Bee'rs collection buckets so the resulting E number 'possession' does not last for more than a few days.
Thankyou to KC's Court blog for being part of my Pay-It-Forward.
I am still looking for two more recipients of a Bumble Bee Cottage Christmas gift. If you would like to participate please go to this post and leave a comment (please read the rules about participating first so you know what you are letting yourself in for :).


  1. What a fabulous display - we are starting on ours at the weekend.

  2. Cute halloween decorations. As soon as we came home from trick or treat my brother and I would start talking about what we would be the next year. This use to drive my poor Mom crazy because we would talk about Halloween the entire year we loved it that much:)