Friday, October 2, 2009

Godzilla Defender of Brussel Sprouts

The smell wafting from Godzilla has forced me to move him out to the vegetable patch. Our patch is under siege from all sorts of creepy crawlies as it has been neglected for at least seven weeks.

As you can see the brussel sprouts are the worst hit. We are discussing whether it is best to spray them or simply rip them out. It seems such a waste after waiting for so many months for the sprouts to develop to edible size but I think the bugs have definitely munched them by now anyway.

Perhaps Godzilla will frighten the little blighters off!


  1. LOVE Godzilla, he looks too cute to be scaring anything off!! Sorry your crops are ruined but EKKSS Sprouts YUK!! I was made to eat them as a kid and AWWWW!!!Love your blog!!