Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pay it Forward

I just chose this photo because I like it not because it relates in anyway to this post. I have joined Diane at Heart Shaped's 'pay-it-forward'.

The way it will work is that Diane will send me a handmade gift and then three people will volunteer to join my 'pay-it-forward' and I will send them a hand made gift (which should be interesting as I do not sew in any way shape or form so will need to think outside the box here). Then they will ask for three volunteers on their blog and then they will send them a handmade gift and it seems to perpetuate from there.

It is just a bit of fun really and nice to receive a surprise in the post. Who doesn't like getting mail of the non-bill variety? So please leave a comment on this post if you would like to join in. The first three volunteers will receive the Bumble Cottage Gift soon, although the 'rules' of pay-it-forward are that you have 12 months in which to send your gifts so there is no pressure really. I'm just worried I would forget so I think it is better if I do it swiftly. Anyway I am a Christmas addict and would love to theme my gifts around the Festive Season.

Please do not let my possible self-harm with a needle and thread put you off joining in my pay-it-forward as I promise I will not send any gifts I have bled on ;)


  1. I'll join you!
    I'm looking for one more person for mine!
    I love receiving surprises!

  2. Wow!! You are quick off the mark!! I need to get creating now - I have planned something Christmassy for you so I better get my skates on. xxxx