Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bisque Babes

Yvette at The Charm House hosts a 'What I Collect' party on the 15th of each month. I love to collect/hoard all manner of items so I look forward to participating each month.

One of my collections is bisque dolls made in Japan. I believe these were made during the 1940 to give away as carnival prizes.

I have bought all three of these ladies from America as I have not found many available in the UK. There is only a limited amount of collectables on Guernsey so most of the items I find are via Ebay.

I am very, very discerning when it comes to these ladies; I must absolutely love them before I bid on them as the cost of postage usually outweighs the cost of the actual doll. I was very fortunate in all of the auctions for these dolls there were no other bidders. I have seen them go for rather alot of money when two collectors 'fight' it out.

I keep them in a large glass jar with some vintage paper millinery (for modesty's sake ;P) in my kitchen. The jar protects the dolls from any grease from cooking absorbing into them and damaging both the dolls and the flowers; and let me be completely honest here, it is alot easier to clean!

Please visit The Charm House to see what other lovely collections are on display this month; I think I am a bit voyeuristic as I love to see what other people collect.

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  1. What a cute collection! I love dolls myself. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.