Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Driving

We went out for a drive this afternoon, just for an hour or so. I know Guernsey is not large in land mass but there are so many little winding roads you could easily get lost (although you can always find the coast and drive around the outside of the Island ;).

Pink seems to be the colour at the moment. Sadly the blossom trees are already dropping their finery, although it does make the road look a little like fairy magic.
The hedgerows have sprung into a rainbow of colours; pink, blue, yellow, white, purple.

Alot of the Ruette Tranquille have high 'walls' like this which suddenly disappear at odd moments where someone has cut away a driveway or entry to the fields beyond. As you drive by you get a tantalising flash of the secrets behind the hedge.

Nothing really 'flashes' by as the speed limit is only 15 miles per hour on these snaking roads.

We haven't made it back to Bluebell Woods for our third visit. Life is so busy sometimes! We are planning to go next weekend and are hoping that we haven't missed them at their best.....again.

One car wide, two way street. People who live in the United Kingdom are probably used to roads such as these but in Australia we like our roads WIDE. Driving down these narrow adventure ways used to freak me out more than a little but amazingly they seem 'normal' to me now. Adjusting...isn't it great!

My husband is such a wonderful man. He is more than happy to drive around and screech to a halt (well not quite screech with sleeping poppets in the back) when required so I can get a photo of something interesting I have just spotted. He likes me blogging as he says it makes our lives seem more interesting somehow - reading my perspective of the days events or latest purchase ;P he says it makes him appreciate the little things more and actually reflect and take more notice of how we spend our days. It makes him slow down I suppose; something that is certainly hard to do sometimes.

Nature never ceases to amaze me (nor do people for that matter). Here are violets and primroses growing side by side, seeds just blown in on the breeze and a garden designed by an expert would have hard trouble replicating its beauty.

I adore primroses. They always remind me of my Dad. He loves to pick large bunches of them when he does his rambling walks in the Isle of Man, he is Manx you see. I love and miss you Dad. We can't wait to see you soon Love from all the Bumble Bee'rs

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  1. It is so pretty where you live. I just started to blog and find I really like it. It is so interesting to see where people live and what they are up to. Sort of like peaking in a window. Thanks for sharing your photos.