Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bluebell Wood

Last year we visited Bluebell Wood in the first week of May and we were too late; the best of the blue blooms had faded. This year we were determined to see the wood in its full glory. We set off from home at about 8.30am and our feet touched our chosen path to floral loveliness by 8.40am - no where is far on Guernsey; or as some of my Guern friends say 'Everything is 'on' the way (to where you are going)'.

We found a beautiful blue bunch of bluebell blooms on the steep climb up from the bathing pools in St Peter Port, where our walk began.

This bode very well for our visit to the wood.

Anticipation was mounting; even the kids were looking forward to seeing the blue carpet of flowers that awaited us at the end of our 20 minute climb.

This is the sad sight we were greeted with. No bluebells. A few here and there; too early this year and too late last year.

This is the view through the hawthorn looking out towards the Island of Herm. We have been to Herm on daytrip with my Dad in 2007 when he visited. It is just on our doorstep, I really need to get more organised and take the kids for another visit.

This is looking out to the Island of Sark, you can just see it in the distance.

The view was beautiful but still no blue!

There was white.

There was yellow.

Finally, at the bottom end of the walk, in the morning sun, we were greeted by our elusive blue treasures, not quite the carpet I was hoping for but lovely none the less. I dreaded having to ask the kids to come back again, after the protests we had listened to before the walk this morning. Then I was pleasantly surprised; my son announced 'This was the best day of my life!' So I guess coming back next weekend to try again is something we are all looking forward to.


  1. I'm so happy that you found Foodie Friday! Your blog is beautiful! I loved this peek at the landscape of the Channel Islands. Please join us this coming Friday. The "Mister Linky" link will be posted Thursday evening. One thing about Foodie Friday--no rules! Just have fun.

  2. I am entranced by your beautiful island. It seems like heaven.