Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My family - Bumble Bee Cottage Style

I am getting very tired of typing my son, my middle daughter, my youngest and my husband so I have decided to give them all 'names' ala Hen from Hen House.

I am going to refer to my son as B1, my daughter as B2 and my youngest child, also a girl, as B3. This is actually what their Dad calls them at home although he is making reference to the Bananas in Pyjamas (a TV show we were all too familiar with when B1 was younger).

I felt I should give my husband the choice of his 'name' so I made a few suggestions via email one day. His response has been edited to protect the innocent:

'Well Mr Bumble sounds like a bit of an idiot, Mr Buzzy sounds like some type of marital aid.

How about “Killer Bee” or “golden *******” or “my ************”.

Alternatively how about: “Mr Hortorum” which is the Latin name for the common garden bumble bee (with Mr in the front – obviously)?'

So after these more than helpful suggestions I settled on Mr Bee.

PS I actually edited his response as he was mortified that my Mum would read what he had written :))

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