Thursday, April 16, 2009


It started last week, the 'Globe' was shoved through our mail box. The 'Globe' is a free newspaper delivered on Thursday. It is great for finding out what is happening on the Island over the coming week. As I flicked through the pages I came to 'Animal Planet' a page which is sometimes run by the GSPCA to advertise animals in their care who are looking for homes.

Different Island businesses sponsor the advertising of individual animals. There she was looking at me, with her one good eye, Tango. I thought about her for five days and discussed going to see her with my husband. He has been quite keen to get a pet, as the children all miss the pets we had to leave in Australia, farmed out to various family members - Thankyou Sam, William, Mandy and Hanna.

My husband had wanted to get a Manx kitten but after our trip to the GSPCA on Tuesday he decided that getting an adult cat who needed a good home was a far better idea. We have renamed her 'Tilly' as she didn't really look like a 'Tango' to me and this is the start of her new life at Bumble Bee Cottage. Here she is.......

Tilly is approximately three years old. She was first brought into the GSPCA with her sister after both of them had had a litter of kittens. Tilly had seven kittens. I wish people would be responsible and desex their animals. Tilly was adopted out to a couple who have since moved into a flat and were unable to take her with them. While she was with this couple she apparently escaped and was a stray for a period of time.

While she was a stray she contracted a virus in her eye and by the time she came back to the GSPCA her eye was so badly affected that it had to be removed. Tilly had been at the GSPCA for three months until we adopted her.

She has the sweetest nature and absolutely loves cuddles. I was a bit worried about the fact that she has long hair, as all the cats I have owned previously have been of the short hair variety, but the problem is not brushing her, the problem is stopping, as she smooches so much and wants you to keep brushing. After she has settled and become more accustom to the kids and their noise levels I will no doubt have some very willing grooming helpers. At the moment one child feeds her in the morning, one at night and one is responsible for changing her water. This delegation of work seems to be working for now.

She has been through an awful lot during the past few months but seems to have adjusted well to the loss of her eye. You need to be careful to let her know you are there if you come up on her blind side so as not to startle her.

I would like to thank the GSPCA for all the wonderful work they are doing in rehoming animals in Guernsey. A member of the GSPCA came to inspect our home to see that it would be suitable for Tilly's requirements. We passed the test and we went to collect her on Wednesday.Tilly has been very well cared for; she has been desexed, had her eye operation, vaccinated and micro-chipped. They only charged us a £40 adoption fee which is a pittance really when you consider the care she has received.

At the moment she is spending her time under the kitchen hutch but can be lured out with the offer of a cuddle. Tilly is gradually spending more and more time exploring her new environment and will soon get used to her new home.

My husband laughed when I showed him her photo. He said it was just 'typical' of me to choose a one eyed cat with special needs. Tilly's special need is not her eye, as you may expect, but the fact she is more than a little rotund. I think she ate a great deal more 'people' food than she did cat food and her tummy sways as she waddles along. She is on a reduced calorie diet at the moment and is not particularly impressed with the dried cat food which is on offer. The kids feel sorry for her, as she piteously mews while I am cooking our dinner, and want to know when she can have something tastier. I tell them once the vet has given her reduced BMI the all clear, but I hate to say I think it is going to take a while.

I was hesitant about getting a pet as I am unsure about what our future will hold; whether we will stay in Guernsey or return to Australia at some point. I could not leave an animal we had taken responsibility for behind. We left out pets in Australia as we always assumed that we would return there after a few years in Guernsey but my husband wants to settle here permanently. I just can't commit to that yet - I miss my friends and family too much. He has assured me that if we do move back to Australia that we will take Tilly with us no matter what the cost, so I guess she is a Bumble Bee'r now!

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  1. Your little cat will l♥ve you like no other. Why am I so sure? Because I have three rescue kitties and two rescue doggies. The story of Tilly made tears come to my eyes because there are so many just like her who have had a rough life and need a fur-ever home where they can settle in and be l♥ved fur-ever and ever. God Bless you from the bottom of my heart.

    My kitties have a blog, if you and the kids would like to see them at

    I hope to come back to hear more about Tilly. Oh, you can find a kitty diet on the internet if you type in cat-kins diet. Cute name, huh? My son had to reduce his cat's caloric intake, too. You can also see her on my blog.

    Please give Tilly a little kiss for me and whisper into her ear that she has struck gold.