Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crinoline cleaning

I bought this crinoline lady lidded dish at the Sausmerez Markets last Saturday from the Cheshire homes stall. The lady who runs it buys things at estate auctions and on-sells them for the charity. I paid £4.00. Not cheap, not expensive but cheaper than Ebay as there is no postage and the money goes to a worthy charity. My husband says he would never complain about my thrifting as it is not like I am off buying designer clothes and diamond rings every other day. I think he believes as long as it's a bargain and he is still able to fit through the door i.e. my collecting has not taken over the house, he's happy.

Take one grime covered crinoline lady,

liberally apply Morning Fresh washing-up liquid (please note the 'posh', as my friends call it, dispenser. I bet you never knew washing-up liquid could look so arty, see how it sparkles in the sunlight; I should run their next advertising campaign. I could play some of that music where a man speaks in French over the top of the melody and zoom in on the bottle, not telling the audience what-on-earth we are actually selling right until the end - what do you think? I know don't give up my day job ;).

Scrub with husband's old toothbrush, which has needed replacing for at least two weeks. When he goes to brush his teeth tonight he will ask where his toothbrush is and I will have to give him the bad news that I scrubbed some old manky bit of pottery with it and it is on the kitchen sink if he wants it or there is a new one in the cupboard.

Ta, da. Sparkly, fresh and grime-free lady, much prettier for a bit of TLC.

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