Monday, April 6, 2009

So simple even a man can do it.....

There is a very strong morning tea tradition at my husband's office. If there is a reason for a cake to be baked someone will make one. A lady brought in morning tea last week and one of the men (not my husband) in the office made a derogatory comment about the cake; that was it, the challenge was on. The women of the office challenged the men of the office to see what they were made of, or at least what they could bake.

My husband is a very good cook, although he always doubts this when I tell him, but he has only baked once before. For the 'Man Baking Challenge' he baked my chocolate brownie recipe; the only help he received from me was answering his questions. They were very well received; he was more than a little proud. He said I should stipulate that the chocolate brownies were so simple to make 'even a man can bake them!' - I made sure I put his comment in this post so you didn't think I was being hard on the opposite sex's baking ability!

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